Introduction to Agility Introduce your dog to AKC-style agility obstacles (bar, tire & broad jumps, open & closed tunnels, dog walk, A-frame and table). Dogs must wear a flat buckle type of collar and owners must bring a 4- to 6-foot leash (cotton web, nylon, or leather) and plenty of treats for motivation and rewards.

Requirements: Dogs must be at least six months old and know basic obedience (come, sit, down, and stay). Dogs that are aggressive towards people or other dogs are not permitted.

Beginner Teach your dog to master all the obstacles including see-saw and weave poles. Begin to learn off-leash control and targeting techniques.

Requirements: Introduction to Agility or equivalent.

Intermediate Learn control to run a course off leash. Master all the obstacles at your dog's jump height.

Requirements: Beginner Agility or equivalent

Advanced Improve your team (that's you and your dog) skills as you learn advanced techniques for competition and FUN!

Requirements: Novice skills.