Puppy Kindergarten emphasizes basic household manners, human and canine socialization, and confidence building. Everyday problems such as jumping, biting, digging, housebreaking, and nail clipping are discussed. Puppies learn how to walk on a loose leash, sit, lay down, stand, and come to the owner on command. Puppies must wear a flat buckle type of collar and owners must bring a 4- to 6-foot leash (cotton web, nylon, or leather) and plenty of treats for motivation and rewards. Graduates receive a $20 coupon for Beginner Obedience class. Requirements: Pups must be 10 weeks to 5 months old and have had at least 2 sets of distemper-parvo and bordetella vaccinations by start of class. 

In the Beginner obedience class, you'll learn how to get the basic control needed for your dog to reliably walk on a loose leash, sit, lay down, stand, stay, and come to you. Important household manners are also practiced such as "leave it", not jumping on people, and waiting to go through doors.
Bring plenty of yummy treats and his favorite toy because positive motivational methods will be used. If you wish to teach your dog using the old yank on the collar method, this may not be the class for you. No special requirements, for dogs five months and older. Includes training collar & leash, and the textbook "What All Good Dogs Should Know."

The Canine Good Citizen
class prepares your dog to take the National Canine Good Citizen Test, which certifies that your dog is trained to be a good canine citizen in our human society. Upon successfully passing the Canine Good Citizen Test given by our instructors at the end of the six week class, your dog will earn her CGC title and certificate! You will be able to tell everyone that she is indeed a certified Canine Good Citizen! Requirements: Beginner Obedience or equivalent.

Are you ready for competition obedience?!? In Novice 1 obedience class, Focus is on attention healing, stand for examination, fronts and finishes. You'll also learn foot work and ring procedures. Graduates can be ready to compete for their Companion Dog title! Requirements: CGC Certificate or equivalent.